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Don Carvajal Café

Greca Blend

Greca Blend

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Smooth in taste, rich in aroma, with notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and a creamy finish. Project: Greca Blend is more than just coffee; it's a cultural journey that connects the pastoral landscapes of the Dominican Republic to the bustling streets of New York City. This blend is a nod to the rich coffee traditions and everyday resilience of the Latinx community.

Specially crafted for Moka Pots—a brewing method deeply rooted in Latinx and particularly Dominican households—this coffee serves as a sensory bridge between two worlds. Whether you grew up with the scent of coffee wafting through a Greca in your home or you're new to this brewing tradition, Greca Blend offers an authentic experience that unites taste and heritage.

Stay caffeinated, friends.

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