Dominican Republic Red Honey Processed Light Roast


This is a very limited offering. Each bag is numbered and roasted per batch on a weekly basis until the entire supply is sold out. Only available in Whole Bean since this coffee is so special.

Red Honey Process: What is the red honey process? Also called the pulped natural process, the red honey process is done by repulsing the coffee cherries and allowing them to dry without washing. Some of the fruit is still there after this procedure, but not as much as with the natural process. While most of the cherry is gone, the golden sticky mucilage remains and has properties that are very similar to honey. While the coffee cherries are drying, the sticky coating oxidizes and darkens in color on the outside of the beans. The longer the fruit is left on the bean, the darker the color becomes. As the coffee beans dry, red beans will not be turned as often as yellow ones. The length of the drying process allows the coffee beans to develop varying levels of fruity flavors resulting in a more unique-tasting coffee. Thus, this technique received the name red honey process. This method has been growing in popularity among consumers and allows farmers to offer various tasting varieties of coffee from the same crop through the development of additional fruity flavors in the coffee beans.

Red Honey processed is a rare fermentation on a coffee seed that brings out sweetness and fruitiness while maintaining uniformity. Besides being a very rare single-origin coffee, this also comes from one family-owned estate. The Ramirez family in Jarabacoa supplies all of our Dominican coffee.

If you're new to the specialty coffee world and have never heard of Red Honey processed you're probably wondering if there is any real honey involved in the process, no. The term comes from the sweetness provided by the untraditional method.

Coffee and farm info:

  • Region: Caribbean 
  • Elevation: 1400m above sea level
  • Varietal: Caturra 
  • Process: Red Honey
  • Farm: Ramirez Estate in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic