Dominican Republic Aged Natural Processed


Introducing Don Carvajal Café's Café Negro Series, our first coffee drop of the year. This limited series is inspired by our passion for trying rare and limited versions of coffee that are not easily accessible to the typical coffee drinker. Our first release is a Dominican Republic Aged Natural from the mountains of Jarabacoa, produced by the Ramirez Estate.

This coffee undergoes a slow aging process, where the cherries are fermented for 24 hours in a sealed environment before spending the next 18 days drying. The coffee is then stored in the dried cherry for 8 months, allowing the fruit's pulp and natural flavors and sugars to permeate the bean. This results in a unique flavor profile, with heavy aromas of strawberry, cherry, and cedar, accompanied by a fermented flavor of a Madagascar chocolate bar and funky ripe stonefruit.

At Don Carvajal Café, we take pride in offering the best quality coffee to our customers, and this limited coffee drop is no exception. This coffee is only available in limited quantities, so be sure to place your order as soon as possible to enjoy this unique and flavorful experience. Try the Café Negro Series and elevate your taste pallet to a new level.

  • 12oz bag
  • Only available in Whole Bean
  • Only 150 units