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Don Carvajal Café

Colombia Guava Banana Anaerobic

Colombia Guava Banana Anaerobic

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Immerse yourself in the distinctive character of our Bayter Estate Exclusive, a rare and limited Colombia Light Roast coffee, uniquely crafted through the anaerobic process. This exceptional coffee is sourced from the lush coffee-growing region of Tolima and undergoes an anaerobic fermentation process, where coffee cherries are fermented in a low-oxygen environment. This method intensifies the coffee's flavor profile, creating a complex and nuanced cup that stands out in its bold intensity and creamy, smooth texture. Each sip offers a full-bodied richness, highlighted by sweet red fruit notes and a luxurious, prolonged aftertaste of dark chocolate. The anaerobic process not only enriches the flavor but also imbues the coffee with a distinctive character that is both rare and exquisite. As a representation of the rich heritage and artisanal craftsmanship of Colombian coffee, this light roast from the Bayter Estate is a treasure for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, offering an unforgettable journey through Colombia's esteemed coffee culture.

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